HIIT is an NGO which has as main objective to reduce and prevent sudden and avoidable dead caused by High blood pressure, anemia and more. We promote health through practical steps by reaching out to rural communities in Africa through sensitization and awareness of High blood pressure, iron deficiency anemia and other health problems causing sudden death. We collaborate with other NGOs, sharing common goals with the aim of drawing a large international network.

We are engaged in long and short term projects in Africa.


HIIT has a professional team with different backgrounds covering public health, epidemiology and internal medicine. The collaborators have first-hand experience of working in low-resource contexts, travel frequently on assignments and also involved in teaching in various training programs at local health institutions as well as in the supervision of masters and doctoral students:

Marc image

Marceline Bongkishiy

BA, MPH, (Umea International school of Public Health)

Rastatt - Germany

Ign_Ak image

Dr. Ignatius Akuma Che

Internist, Diabetology and melioration in Gastroenterology

Braunschweig - Germany

Pasc image

Dr. Pascal Nji Atanga

MD., MPH, PHD (Pediatric HIV/AIDS Advisor, International Health)

Buea - Cameroon


Dr. Hortense Nsoh Tabien 

MD., MPH, PHD Public Health Physician (public health and preventive medicine) University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Saskatchewan - Canada


We acknowledge our volunteers Mrs Nayah Emelda Tosam, Mrs Wirngo Adeline, Ms Nsai Patricia and Ms Wirngo Bertine for their incredible work on the ground.  More volunteers both from the communities and beyond are needed in order to bring more know-how, to organize workshops and assist in sensitization and awareness projects and follow up of patients that need follow up.

To Volunteer,

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